Traveling to the USA? Here’s Why You Need a 20GB eSIM

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Having an eSIM is a game-changer for travellers. eSIM help helps eliminate roaming charges while ensuring that you get seamless connectivity of an eSIM. It is a reliable, safe, and secure option compared to a physical eSIM.

Check out the blog below to understand the key importance of owning an eSIM. 

1. Instant connectivity 

You do not have to stand in long queues when you enter a foreign country to avail of a sim card. It has become more convenient and easy with an eSIM. With just a simple activation process, you can activate your eSIM and enjoy seamless connectivity without any hassle. 

2. No extra effort 

eSIM is just embedded in your device’s hardware. One does not need to carry any extra physical sim cards or any extra device. There is no added hassle or effort associated with an eSIM. You can make the most out of your visit to the USA by having a strong network connection with the entire team. 

3. Secure and Reliable 

eSIM tech is based on robust security measures and ensures the safety of transactions. By using authentication measures it makes sure that your account, data, and credentials are safe and there is no compromise on privacy.

4. 4. Seamless coverage across the USA. 

The USA is a vast country and eSIM can help you be connected with the world while you explore the USA. eSIM USA travel works with multiple carriers and ensures seamless coverage across the entire country. 

Mobimatter: Your destination to avail of the right eSIM. 

We provide you with multiple packages in eSIM so that you do not have to wait for a plan that matches you. Check out our plan for the 20g esim USA

1. USA Plus 20GB plan 

1. This plan is valid for 30 days. 

2. The data availability is 20 GB. 

3. The price of the plan is 35.99 USD. 

4. It works in more than 47+ destinations. 

5. It is available for $1.80 per GB. 

6. This plan is best for people who want to have seamless coverage.

Details to the USA Plus 20GB plan 

1. The validity of the plan starts upon downloading the eSIM to your device. 

2. It is a one-time prepaid package. There are no auto-renewals and contracts associated with the plan. 

3. It provides full data speed without any hassle 

4. The eSIM automatically connects to a major local mobile network. 

5. It does not come with a phone number. It is just a data-only eSIM.

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