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Pure Love of the Fallen (Lost Angels, #1)

Pure Love of the FallenMy first ever short story, Pure Love of the Fallen, was a freebie I wrote for fans of my Facebook author page, Alina Popescu, Writer. At this point, it’s had around 2000 downloads everywhere, of which 1000 on Smashwords alone. As I was a noob and didn’t know a lot about getting stories to be free on Amazon, this one never made it there, hence the lower download number since it’s publishing.


After being cast away from the Pristine Gardens, fallen angel Ramiel watches time go by in a city on Earth. Lacking everything and nothing, he is caught up between thoughts of his first love and its consequence – the banishment, and his day to day life which is usually a fight against boredom. He has one close friend, a human girl who has somehow convinced him to spill all his secrets. Will her warmth and support be enough to make Ramiel forget the past and start living again? Will he be able to help his friend with her own problem, an unrequited love?

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