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Bad Blood Trilogy

The Edge of Hope (Bad Blood, Book One)

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Everyone she loved betrayed her. She felt lost and broken. Getting away from the pain and embracing a new path, Alexa decided to leave her old life behind and chase a long forgotten dream in Malta. There she met a gorgeous man, bearing the scent of fresh love. He led her to a new city to explore, Amsterdam. Is the tall, dark, and delicious man a dream come true or just a risky gamble?

Alexa chose hope and new beginnings over fear and warning signs only to be brutally dragged into a world she never really thought existed. Vampires, their feuds, and her future held tightly in their hands.

Trapped in a mysterious world, Alexa gives love chance after chance. Following her quest of self-discovery in a blood bound world, will she survive the journey?

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Readers and Reviewers on The Edge of Hope

The Edge Of Hope kept me on the edge all the while I was reading it. It is not the usual paranormal vampire story where blood and gore is coupled with a to-die-for-vampire’s erotic bite which sets hearts pumping frantically and readers to fangirl on actors who get to play them for reel. To make it blunt: this was a horrifying look into that vampire world Bram Stoker ruined us for. That world of pain and suffering with vampires laughing in condescension over puny humans.

JP, Multitaskingmomma book reviews

Alina Popescu created well developed characters and an amazing story full of twists and turns.

Obsessed by Books

If you are looking for sexy loving vampires that are like knights in shining armour, a story full of explicit, sweet sex, and a woman that is weak and whiny, you have the wrong book. But if you want something different, where vampires bite, the sex is hot but well written and mostly off the page yet sexy as hell,and a very surprising turn of events, then this is for you.

I loved the European setting, the vampire names being different yet easy to read. I liked Alexa. I liked that she was damaged and trusting but a fighter. The story was relatable and makes you think the vampires could easily live among us. I really liked the twist at the end. The only thing I didn’t like was… nope.. can’t think of a thing except that the next one isn’t ready so I can see what is next.

Cathy Brockman, reviewer and author

This story has many levels with multiple twists and turns. It has an underlying excitement that won’t let you put it down. The characters are witty, fun, determined, very entertaining and well written. The mystery of what is going to happen is entirely up in the air until the very last sentence.

Sue Allen Milkovich, reader

You know whenever you read a book and it just hits the spot? That was the type of read The Edge of Hope was for me. It reminded me why I love paranormal romance (especially the fanged variety) so much. And it didn’t hurt that Alina Popescu sprinkled enough references to World of Warcraft throughout to make my little MMO gaming heart flutter.

Alina has a very interesting approach in how she blends her story. It has elements of fantasy tucked between the romance and vampires. At first, I was afraid the attempt was going to fall flat. But no, I was proved so very wrong. It creates an interesting story. There are also several mentions to pop culture in the book that had the fangirl in me squeeing.

Kristen, Pretty Little Pages

What I loved most about this book? Apart from being really fast-paced (which means there’s never a dull moment), the dialogues are quite savoury, it really made me chuckle and even laugh out loud at moments. The story has everything: romance, suspense, mystery, blood. Oh, and a cliff-hanger at the end, but it will only make you read book II more.

Alina Cincan, reader

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The Breaking of Bonds (Bad Blood, Book Two)


A human sacrifice throws vampires of two worlds, trueborn and baseborn, into an escalating conflict. One side pushes for revenge, the other for freedom. The trueborns stubbornly hunt for Anthony and Louis, pushed by Hesrah’s desire to avenge her human best friend, Alexa. The baseborns are divided between rallying with those challenging the rule of Ankhsis and obeying the trueborns.

What emerges from the portal between Earth and Ankhsis in the middle of the turmoil rocking both worlds is more dead than alive. Neither human, nor baseborn, and certainly not trueborn. This new being will either damn them all or be their race’s most powerful weapon. Will they trust it not to destroy them, or will Ankhsis decide putting it down is the only solution?

In the end, who is guilty? Who will pay? Will anyone survive its wrath?

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Readers and Reviewers on The Breaking of Bonds

Alina’s first book of this trilogy, The Edge of Hope, is a travelogue of a very strong minded woman more than it is about vampires… seriously! At every turn, just when people underestimated her, Alexa turned around and made us do a double take and so, when that ended in a major cliffie with her existence on the line, I couldn’t help but take sides and form strong opinions about those who put her in such a situation using ‘The Guide to Mastering Underhanded Techniques’, it seemed like.

The second book, ‘The Breaking of Bonds’, picked up where the first one left off, and to my surprise, it did nothing more than to raise more questions about what was to become of the lovely girl Alexa once was.Waking up an outcast/stranger to both the vampire and human worlds, no one really knows what she is, how she is going to be when she recovers, or even if she is. And then, there was the big question of how and if she would be a danger to the vampire society where the portal manages to spit her out graciously.

The characters are so very, very unique in their own ways, that they always keep us guessing as to what will happen next, even if we think we know how a vampire is supposed to be behaving.I’m waiting with bated breath for the third book, since it promises to answer a lot of the questions that Alina raised. I’m just thankful for the fact that she didn’t leave me biting my nails like the last one, just needed a few tissues, is all.

Frosty, reviewer, author, and editor

The author has this unique style of being highly visual and does not go around the bush like I do. She allows the reader to open the book, dive into the story, and come out breathless. So take a deep breath and have the time of your lives for Alexa is one newborn vamp who kicks ass like no one I’ve seen or read before. Not even Bella can compare to her.

Alexa is highly sexual but is also all emotions. She struggles to rediscover who she really is as the old human and the newly transformed. In the first place, she is supposed to be dead. Not alive and stronger than most. […] She is also like a snake whose territoritoriality can mean certain death. If there ever came a point in my life where I would want to be a role play character, I am leaning hard on Alexa. She is awesome. And then there was Seth, the SEAL-looking brother of Hesrah and Magnus’ assistant, he is no Renfield. He is actually quite the character impossible to ignore or not love.

JP,  Multitaskingmomma book reviews

If you like a strong female lead, different vampires, a well-built world, action, and some romance you will like this series. Be sure to read these in order or you won’t have a clue of what is going on here.

Cathy Brockman, reviewer and author

Alina is an amazing author and The Breaking of Bonds was non stop from the first page. I could not put it down and actually had to read it a second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I love Alexa and it’s amazing what she’s gone through and how strong she is.

This book really keeps you on your toes in my opinion and I can’t wait for Book 3.

Kim T, reader

I’ve been waiting for this book for ages, so as soon as it landed on my kindle I dived straight in, I just love a vampire book.  I was desperate to find out what happened with Loius and that dastardly Anthony, there was a little wait for that but it didn’t matter as the story kept me hooked.Alexa is a little mixed up and is not sure of her feelings and I’m with her there as I can’t decide if I’m team Seth or team Louis.

If you love a book chock full of vamps with good writing and a story that will grab you, look no further, start with book 1 though. I have no qualms giving this five stars. I’m now in need of book 3…….

Tracey, Vampy and Racey Bookblog

Book Trailer

The Fall of Darkeness (Bad Blood, Book Three)

Coming February 14th, 2016. Best Valentine’s Day present!

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