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Novels are by far my favorite to write. The first novel I started was back when i was about 10 and it had a lot of karate in it. A strong main character who was just how I’d pictured myself in adolescence, a boy MC who was a lot like the older boy I had a crush on, and some running, jumping, climbing trees to keep readers entertained. The first novel I finished happened just before turning 17, it was a fantasy story and I dropped it soon after writing ” The End” on the final page. I somehow felt it wasn’t good enough.

At this time, I have published three novels and I have a few more in the making.


The Bad Blood Trilogy

A vampire trilogy that’s action packed, rewrites the origin, hierarchy, and politics of the vampire world, and features a quite unique love life for its main character Alexa. Expect anything from betrayal to messy breakups and an always renewed search for true love.

(M/F) More details here.

Tales of the Werewolf Tribes

Shifter lovers and particularly werewolf fans will love this series. It’s mostly gay romance or menage, and while the stories can be read as standalones and out of order, reading them all as they are published will give  you a better understanding of the werewolf world I’ve created.

(M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M) More details here.


Standalone Novels

At this time, they are all in the WIP phase, so check the dedicated page to find out more.



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