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I love writing stories! Yes, I start out by calling them stories, and only after that divide them into novels, short stories, essays, blog posts and so on. I first think of a story, the characters in it, and when I get to writing it, it becomes a novel or a short story or something else.

The genres that most attract me are paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi, but I am known to have written a contemporary tale now and then.  I often get caught up in ideas that have nothing to do with magic, supernatural beings, or science fiction. Instead they explore slices of life, which means they mix and match family, careers, hobbies, romance, friendship, and everything else living entails.

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I write various pairings (or should I say groupings?), and you can expect anything from male-female, to male-male, male-male-female and other menages. To help you out along the way and make it easy to differentiate between M/F, gay fiction or  any other type LGBT fiction, every book description on the site will have the appropriate symbols: M/F, M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M etc.

Mind you, there’s a difference between stories and fairy tales. A big one! I try to stay away from the easy, dreamy world that it is sometimes sold to us. But I am a fan of happy endings, although my definition of a happy conclusion to a situation or conflict might differ from the general definition at times.

Read on to find out more about the novels, novellas and short stories I have published, the anthologies I am part of, or to keep up with my work in progress.

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