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Review: In Liam’s Wake: The Makeshift Soldier by Ashlyn Forge

Review: In Liam’s Wake: The Makeshift Soldier by Ashlyn Forge
October 14
11:44 2013

I love sci fi and I am a rather new addition to the MM genre fan crowd. That means the first book of the Toys & Soldiers series by Ashlyn Forge, In Liam’s Wake: The Makeshift Soldier, is just perfect for me. I had been lurking the Internet, waiting for it to be released so I could 1-click it, and I did just that the moment it hit Amazon.

The wait was totally worth it! I loved the story, I loved Liam, the epilogue just sent my brain into overdrive, and now I am nothing but a poor soul, waiting for the next installment in Liam and Riley’s story to come out. This also happens to be a debut novel, so I think Ashlyn Forge is off to a great start!

But first, the blurb!
For eight years, Liam has been trapped underground in The Colony—a sanctuary so determined to stay hidden it forbids anyone from leaving once they’ve entered. His only hope of returning home rests on his best friend Riley who, on the eve of their escape, slipped into a coma.

Despite staggering debt, vengeful mutants and bounty hunters, Liam continues a seemingly never-ending quest for a cure to end Riley’s unnatural five-year sleep. Every night, Liam stares at the listless man who not only holds his escape, but his heart. The suffering can end, however; Liam must only forsake all hope of ever returning home again, abandon Riley to his fate, and wholeheartedly serve as a soldier for The Colony—the very people he’s trying to escape.

Live the life within his reach, or continue chasing the one just beyond his grasp? He need only submit.

To be perfectly honest, I rarely fall in love with characters that I think are flawed in ways I would not accept. Gambling, obsessing about leaving the Colony, always risking everything, convinced he’d win or be able to later fix it, cheating his way into or out of some scenarios, that’s Liam for you! And somehow I found myself totally captivated by him, rooting for him to get everything he needed to be happy. Especially the love of his best friend, Riley.

Liam BaldwinWhat is Liam’s redeeming quality? His unyielding love and dedication to Riley. He would do (and actually does) anything to keep him healthy and happy, to give him the best possible life. Liam’s idea of what Riley needs or of how to get it might be wrong, but his intentions are good to begin with.

The world of the Colony that Ashlyn Forge built is absolutely mesmerizing. An underground safe haven for Elementals and humans that’s bound to keep anyone from leaving, just to keep this place secret and safe. What probably started with an utopian idea, turned dystopian fast. Es running around, destroying everything, fighting humans and the system that was programmed to keep them trapped in the Colony, testing on Elemental adults and  babies while still in the womb, have lead to what this utopia has turned into: imps at its borders, citizens that one would argue are prisoners, enforcers that everyone fears, a severe lack of choice in most situations.

I could talk about this book for hours on end, but to be honest, it’s hard to without revealing too much and take away from the pleasure of reading it yourselves! I recommend you buy it if you’re into sci fi or MM or any kind of story, because this novel has it all. It very often seemed to be a story of situations anyone could face. Liam is a work of art, just like his cluelessness at times (Ashlyn’s quite right on that assesment of her MC), the supporting characters are amazing, and the world is pulling you in, although, in all fairness, I think I’d try to escape it every way I could. Maybe not repeatedly for over 5 years, but still!

I seriously recommend you buy the book and read it. Right now 🙂 But if you don’t believe me, check out all the awesome reviews on Goodreads!

The ebook of In Liam’s Wake is available almost everywhere (it there’s somewhere you can’t find it, it will be there soon). Check out the book’s page on Ashlyn Forge’s site for links to all major vendors. The paperback version will be here soon (December 15th).

To keep your eye on the other books in the series, visit Ashlyn Forge’s site, become her fan on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter. You should also become her fans on Goodreads.

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