Qatar announces land entry for UAE & Saudi fans.

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Fifa World Cup fans will be welcomed at the Abu Samra land border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Qatar starting on November 1 and lasting through December 23.

According to a statement from the Qatari Ministry of Interior, visitors who have a special entry permit and intend to enter the country by the Abu Samra border in a vehicle must also have a valid vehicle entry permit obtained through the Hayya platform. With improved amenities and free parking, the border crossing can now handle 4,000 travellers per hour and is open to tourists.

Border crossing entry procedures are categorised as follows:

Those Who Possess Qatari ID Cards Include Citizens, Residents, And GCC Nationals (Cars with Qatari Number Plates).

They will be required to enter Qatar regularly, provided that:

– They must be transported in a vehicle with a Qatari licence plate.

– A Hayya card is not required.

Fans With Special Permission

– For a minimum of 5 nights, the driver must have a confirmed lodging arrangement approved through the Hayya platform.

– All passengers in the car must have a Hayya card, and there must be a minimum of three and no more than six total.

– On the official Hayya website, request a vehicle entry permit. If the application is accepted, the applicant will get an email with a link to obtain car insurance online.

– After completing the insurance, the applicant must return to the platform within 24 hours to obtain the permit by paying a QAR 5,000 non-refundable fee (Dh5,043).

– The vehicle entry permit is only valid for one vehicle. Visitors are not permitted to drive in restricted areas (A-Ring and B-Ring roads, as well as roads and intersections leading to them).


Anyone entering or leaving Qatar for a match or matches within 24 hours may do so without making hotel reservations. They must, however, fulfil the following conditions to be admitted.

– Hold a Hayya Card (One-day-fan category).

– Before travelling to Qatar, one can reserve a parking spot at the border using the Hayya platform.

– For the first 24 hours after entry, parking is free.

– For the second day, a service fee of QAR 1,000 will be applied. A further towing fee of QAR 1,000 (Dh1,008) will be charged if the vehicle is left parked for more than 48 hours after entry. A link sent to the email address registered on the platform allows for electronic payment.

– From the Abu Samra checkpoint, take a bus to Doha Central Station (Al Messila) or the Al Qalayel gathering place for families and friends.

– With the Hayya card, the parking reservation service will be accessible beginning on November 1, 2022.

Humanitarian Cases

For those without a Hayya card (through airports only), please follow these instructions:

Apply online at, the Ministry of Home Affairs website.

  • Applications are processed within six hours.
  • When conditions are met, the applicant will receive approval via email.
  • The permit is single-use.

 Commercial trucks will be allowed to cross the border at the Abu Samra Border Crossing from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. from November 15 to December 22, 2022, to ensure easy access for football fans.