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Writing the story is a very small part of the book selling process, says best selling author Kindle Alexander

Writing the story is a very small part of the book selling process, says best selling author Kindle Alexander
October 15
17:34 2013

OK, everyone, today you get to see my full on fangirling act, as I get to interview one of my favorite writers. Kindle Alexander is an Amazon best-selling author, she writes wonderful books about hot guys that love each other. Call it m/m, calling gay romance, whatever you call it, just read her books.

My first Kindle Alexander read was Texas Pride, it was the second book in this genre after T.M. Smith’s Opposites, and it got me hooked. I then proceeded to devour The Current Between Us and the Double Full ARC. So, without further ado, Kindle Alexander everyone! *claps and grins enthusiastically, fans herself a bit too*

All your books, beyond the humor, tender loving, and hot sex, deal with how hard it is to be accepted if you are anything other than straight. Is there an educational purpose behind it?

Thank you for letting me be here!

Well I think the true answer steps back a little. We all go through a form of discrimination, all the time. It doesn’t matter if its race, gender, sexual orientation, it’s all discrimination and very regular. It’s not overly hard to switch around the different perspectives because what’s coming back at you is hate. Hate is hate. It’s all wrong. Personally, my nature is to be the defender. I can’t stand for people to be ugly to one another. To be ugly and hateful is the quickest way to get on my bad side, and lose me as a friend. Being considerate should just be what we do in life. I find in my books, the haters get karma back in a bad way. Larry will get his, I promise.

Jace and Colton, a cheer boy and a quarterback, what inspired that? Are you a big cheerleading and/or football fan?

I have a daughter that was the ESPN, in the gym 30 hours a week, travel all over the world, cheerleader. The guys on her teams were regulars in my house. She cheered all through college. It was such a wonderful time in her life. I wanted to capture that for Jace.

Fortunately for me and your other readers, Nice Guys is a series. Will we read Mitch’s story in Full Disclosure?

Mitch is next. I write with a writing partner sometimes. She has followed Matt and Cam for a long time and talked openly about their greatness to all of our friends. I just recently found them. I love Matt’s attitude. He seems very accomplished, but seems to love life and love his man. He’s just an amazingly bright personality. I wanted that for Mitch.

Tell us a little about your writing process. Where do you find inspiration? Do you listen to music while writing?

Even though I write clear romantic fiction, I get my inspiration from life. I love for people who have been hurt to have a excellent happy ending. It rarely happens in life, so I make it happen in my books. If that makes any sense.

It makes perfect sense! What’s your favorite part about being a writer and what do you like the least?

Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Writing is consuming. The process takes so much time and you never leave it even when you are forced away. Writing the story is a very small part of the book selling process. To do it right, you work from the time you get up, until the time you go to bed, seven days a week. Nothing else comes first. And there are no guarantees it will even work. So you give up a lot.

You chose the self-publishing route, what special qualities does an author need to make it outside the traditional publishing world?

I don’t know the answer to this. For me, I couldn’t stand how slow the entire publishing world works. I was also turned down everywhere! Double Full was turned down EVERYWHERE and the publishing house that took the story, held it for a year before I got fed-up and pulled it. For me, just moving faster is better. It fits my personality. I also think ebooks should be priced like they were originally intended to be priced. Our ereads are always $3.99 and less. Our print books are priced as low as Create Space will let us go.

Any advice for those attempting to write in the same genre as you?

Get to writing and then prepare to work at getting your story in everyone’s hands. This has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. You need this!

Big thank you, Kindle, for joining us today! Lots of hugs to you 🙂

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