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Plotting and scheming – Fabulous Five Blog Hop

Plotting and scheming – Fabulous Five Blog Hop
August 25
21:34 2014

The amazing Jayson James invited me to take part in this wonderful blog tag and I just couldn’t say no to him. Plus this involves sharing my plans of taking over the world so.. yeah! Of course I want to be in the Fabulous Five tour! Let’s get the ball rolling then 🙂

What am I working on?

This should be an easy question with an easy answer, right? Well, I have to try and focus a bit first. There’s book II of the Bad Blood trilogy, of course. There is a little, not so little project I am working on with WIP, there is the MM novel featuring Sky and Storm, plus a few other short stories and novels, because I can’t be working on just one, like normal people.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I honestly don’t write trying to come up with something different. I want to write stories people relate to or can take something away from. I think the fact there isn’t one clear genre is pretty much me. Also the fact that I make one or more main or pretty significant characters Romanian in quite a few of the projects I am working on. Why, you ask? Well, it’s funny to have everyone else be vampire but not the Romanian girl. It’s also my bit of effort put into improving my country’s image.

Why do I write what I do?

Because I simply have to. There has to be writing. I tried for a few years, and living without writing in my life sucked. It always felt like something was missing. So I went back to it, thinking I’d be able to keep it as a side project, but it just took over more and more of my life. Honestly, I wouldn’t change any second of it.

How does my writing process work?

It’s weird, visual, and all in my head 😀 Sounds wonderful, right? I start by getting an idea, which may or may not have a clear, real life trigger – a song, an image, something I saw or read or heard. Otherwise it’s just an image that takes shape in my head, be it one character, or a dialogue, or a setting. After this I spend a lot of time working out the story line. All in my head, I have to see it come together and I tweak it until I am happy with it. Then it’s writing it, fighting with the characters when they change their mind and going back into my mind to work out the details, giving in to them every time, and back to more writing/rewriting, etc.

 Who’s Next on the Blog Hop?

Well, well, here are next Monday’s victims. And no, I did not even ask beforehand, partly because I wanted it to be a surprise and partly because my head was so far up in the clouds…

Kerry Frith – because I am still laughing at scenes in her book I read a year ago.

The absolutely amazing Hayley Barlow because more people should get to know her.

Captain Jaye and the amazing poet of Chimera Poetry – just cause I need to nag her to get those poems published asap.

Geoff Wakeling because I’ve been way too nice and mellow with him. Also I love him and his writing beyond words.

Last but not least, Lily Velden, because this wonderful author looks like she has about 5 minutes of free time and I have to suck it right out of her life!

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