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Monday Progress Report: WIPs and Impossible Targets

Monday Progress Report: WIPs and Impossible Targets
August 24
05:44 2015

A little while back, I published a photo of my whiteboard and my writing plans for 2015. Those plans? They looked downright scary. I tell you, over 400.000 words is a bit mad, for anyone. Especially since that was not everything I had planned for the second half of 2015. Impossible and unrealistic? Probably, but there’s a method to my madness.

I am a known slacker and although it does not seem that way to the outside world, I am quite lazy. I need a big challenge and a huge push to achieve everything I want to. So more often than not, my plans and targets are a bit ludicrous. Okay, a lot, just take a look at this:

writing stuff

What I usually manage from pushing myself like this is about 50% of my goals. For now, is almost done (with 3000 words to go), the two stories I’m supposed to edit by the end of August are half way there, and I have a lot of ideas for Angel’s Feather (which has since turned into a small series – a trilogy to be precise).

Why not set the bar lower, at 50% for example? That’s a good question. The answer is easy, because if my goal is 50% of those 400 k, I will probably get half of that done. So, no thank you, I’d rather obsess about 400 and get 200 k done than ending up with about one hundred thousand words.

The other reason this is very helpful – besides driving myself insane – is that my mind is clear on one thing: all those stories running through my head are part of my writing plans. So some of the more… loud-mouthed characters can give me a breather and wait patiently till their turn comes. It doesn’t always work like that, but I can’t complain, it’s quieter than usual.

What does it take to keep up with my writing plans? In a perfect world, if I write about 3000 words a day, every day, I can get it all done. So about… 2-3 hours of writing (I generally write about 1500 words per hour, breaks included). It’s not impossible, and not too much, if you think of it like that. Of course, I don’t count all the hours of freelance writing, the reading and reviewing I do for EyesOnBooks or the promo work I do for other authors (or myself). When you add all that, you suddenly figure out why there aren’t enough hours in the day and why lazy days cost me so much.

The bottom line? This works for me. Also, in case you missed it, I’m almost done with 😀 Which means the first book in the Famous on the Internet series will soon be sent to my publisher, Wayward Ink Publishing. So yay, more for me coming soon!

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