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Monday Progress Report: Finish Line in Sight for Dusk to Dawn

Monday Progress Report: Finish Line in Sight for Dusk to Dawn
April 17
14:56 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Monday recap of my progress. Last week I said I wanted to try and finish drafting Dusk to Dawn. Well, I am not there yet. The manuscript is at 51,000 words right now (yup, of course it was going to be longer than my estimate), and it will take today and tomorrow to complete it.

Of course, things happened and I totally forgot it was Easter this weekend. Yeah, I know, I rant about how taking breaks is important, and then work my way through the long weekend! Oh, well, I did take longer breaks!

What I’ve accomplished this week

Angel's Feather by Alina PopescuDespite my failure to finish Dusk to Dawn (mainly because it got a bit longer), it has been a very productive week. I did manage to pull my biggest daily word count of 2017, so that was a nice win. I surpassed that today, so I am fairly optimistic I’ll indeed finish the draft by tomorrow, then go over it and ship it to my editor. If you’ve been waiting to find out what happens after Dawn to Dusk, it looks like an end of May release is within reach! Isn’t that wonderful? I know I am thrilled.

The Angel’s Feather cover reveal went well, and if you’ve missed it… how did you manage that? There were so many blogs covering it and so many people sharing it on social media, that my heart swelled. If you’re interested in checking out my soon to be released gay science fiction story, it’s not available for pre-order!

Pre-order on Amazon

What I have in store for this week

Like I said, I am going to finish Dusk to Dawn and send it to my editor by the end of the week. Then it’s time to get ready for more promo, and pour all my efforts into the Angel’s Feather release on April 21st. In terms of drafting, my vampire series Bad Blood is up next. Book three, The Fall of Darkness, is next on my list. The plan for what’s left of this month is to go through what I have already written of it–about 33,000 words. I think I will drop parts of it, but it will still round up to about 30K. The rest of the book I aim to write in May.

As I don’t consider editing something already written as fulfilling my daily writing challenge, so I will start on my next drafting project for whatever’s left of the month. Wonder what that is? Well, it’s the second book in the Famous on the Internet gay contemporary romance series! Yup, if you loved Br0th3rly, another book in this series is coming your way. Hope you’re looking forward to it 😀

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Hope you’ve enjoyed this Monday Progress Report and tune in for the next one!

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