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Monday Progress Report: Busy Month and Writing Wins

Monday Progress Report: Busy Month and Writing Wins
January 23
03:55 2017

Welcome to the first Monday Progress Report of 2017! Yes, I know, I’ve missed a few, but as the titles says, it’s been a busy month! First off, in the second (or first full) week of January, I republished three of my books: Strength to Let Go, Br0th3rly, and Craving Stains. As this involved new covers, re-formatting and uploading the books, it kept me busy. To make it all even sweeter, Craving Stains took forever and a few emails to clear. Still working on transferring its reviews, though! I will add the new covers, blurbs and buy links later in the post, if anyone missed them.

Now, on to the wins! As you know, at some point last year, I completely stopped writing. 2016 was a tough year for me. Some minor but annoying and time consuming health issues, a lot of work-related stress, big changes in my life that I had to adjust to, both personal and professional, and a lot of feeling I just didn’t want to write.

The not writing part, especially since the characters and ideas didn’t dry up with my will to put words on paper, was extremely frustrated. So I gave myself a break and decided not to cringe at the couple of thousand words I wrote each month after that. It wasn’t easy at all, but it worked

I started the new year with a clear writing goal. It had nothing to do with word counts, not really, or with the stories I wanted finished, sent out, or published. No, my one goal was to write every day. So far, I’ve managed to stick with it. 22 days of January where I opened one document or another and wrote. 100, 200, 500, 1000 words, it really didn’t matter much for me. I kept writing every day, and by now I’ve amassed a little over 11000 words.

Given my normal speed and output, 11k is not a big number. Perspective helps. Those 11000 words written in less than a month are significantly more (almost double) what I’ve written in the second half of 2016. So I call that a big, fat writing win!

What I’ve been working on? Well, Sky and Storm, which is a sort of alternate universe / medieval warriors story, and a gay romance. It’s supposed to be the first in the Warriors of Vis series. I’ve been working on this, on and off, for years. I want to complete it as fast as I can, and seeing how I already had two thirds of it, I didn’t start with a project that required tremendous effort. The second story I’ve been working on is a short contemporary gay romance that I plan to have ready for Valentine’s Day (or sometime in February). If you remember Radu, Tudor’s obnoxious, offensive, and borderline homophobic fried, that mean’s you’ve read A Touch of Glamour or A Touch of Paradise or A Touch of Kink. Or all of them 😀 Anyway, Radu is getting his story, and I couldn’t be happier to finally write it. That’s about one third done, so yeah, another big writing win for me!

What’s next? I plan on continuing in very much the same manner this week. The same write everyday goal, the same two stories in the works, and the same struggle not to focus on how many words I produce per day.

Because I am proud of how well I’ve done in keeping my re-publishing goals and of how amazing the new 8th floor studio covers are, here’s a round up of the three freshly re-released titles!

Strength to Let Go, Br0th3rly, & Craving Stains – Second Editions Free on Kindle Unlimited

Not only did I republish all three titles, but if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can now read all three for free.

A little reminder – if any of you have purchased one of my stories on the now defunct AllRomance Ebooks and haven’t been able to back it up, please feel free to contact me with a receipt or some proof of purchase, and I’ll make sure you get your book. I know it’s been a while since the big disappearance act, but we’ve all had holidays and maybe other, more pressing matters to attend to. So don’t worry, I don’t care that you’re late to request your book back!

Strength to Let Go, Tales of the Werewolf Tribes, Book One

Strength to let go by Alina Popescu coverAfter being abandoned by his mates, Shiki Kirishima, beta of the Dragons of the Fang werewolf tribe, returns to his home in Tokyo. Overwhelmed by grief, he decides to end it all by going into Siberian Killer territory and challenging the tribe to a battle to the death.

His death.

The Killer’s beta, Ganzorig, grasps the potentially disastrous consequences of his tribe killing Shiki, and saves him instead. Having suffered loss, Ganz takes it upon himself to help Shiki deal with his pain, then return him safely to his tribe.

Shiki’s best friend since childhood, Blake, is as determined as Ganzorig to show him there is life after a wolf’s ultimate loss, that of a mate.

Once Shiki leaves the seclusion of Ganzorig’s compound and returns to Tokyo, Blake is the only person he allows near. Blake is more than happy to give Shiki space to lick his wounds and deal with everything in his place. Shielded from his responsibilities to his family and tribe, and cocooned in Blake’s care, Shiki thrives on his journey to healing.

As the real world pushes its way in, with competing tribes causing trouble, children to worry about, and exes to deal with, will Shiki be able to cope or will he spiral back to a state of pure misery? And is there room for more than friendship between him and Blake?

Buy link:

Br0th3rly, Famous on the Internet, Book One

Br0th3rly by Alina Popescu coverTristan’s love life has one simple rule: his brother, Trevor, is off limits.

To fight his relentless love for Trevor, Tristan left for college at sixteen. A new city, building a new life for himself, and making new friends weren’t enough to give up what he considers sick, twisted feelings. Tristan even started an anonymous blog to cope with his love for his older brother. It made him famous on the Internet, but it wasn’t enough to get over his obsession.

Every time he goes home, a quick glance at Trevor brings it all flooding back.

When commitment-phobe Trevor introduces his serious boyfriend on one of Tristan’s rare visits home, things get a whole lot more complicated for the adoring kid brother. How far can Tristan run this time before he runs out of places to hide from his feelings?


Buy link:


Craving Stains

Craving Stains by Alina Popescu coverAll Wynn Brenwood knows is the sterile apartment his mother has kept him trapped in since birth. Locked away in a hospital-like cage, Wynn longs to escape his mother’s hold and experience the world beyond what he can see through his window or research on his computer.

Wynn’s mother insists he cannot face the outside world without falling ill again. Is it her desire to keep him safe that motivates his imprisonment, or is it something else?

Desperate to break free, he encounters Doyle, a handsome, enigmatic stranger, whose life is the opposite of Wynn’s. But is Doyle real, or is he an illusion Wynn’s imagination has created to make life tolerable?

Buy link:


As mentioned before, these are all second editions of books previously published. If you’ve already read them, don’t fret, there have been no changes to the story. Just new covers, different formatting, updated or totally news Acknowledgements sections, and that’s about it!


Happy reading, everyone! Happy writing to those of you who share this author life with me, and see you all next week!

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