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Mission: Protect the Ex, new #contemporary #gayromance short story

Mission: Protect the Ex, new #contemporary #gayromance short story
March 15
10:39 2017

My latest story, a military gay romance tale titled Mission: Protect the Ex is out today! Some of you might remember this from the Men in Uniform anthology, but if you don’t, that’s fine. I’ll tell you all about it!

Mission: Protect the Ex Synopsis

Sean never thought his military career would ever have him babysitting his ex who Sean hasn’t seen in six months.

When best friend Tom finds out his younger brother Aiden is targeted, Sean drops everything to protect the man he still loves.

Can two former lovers survive a weekend alone in the woods, or will the threat from within be more devastating than the one from outside?

Word count: ~8000 words

Mission: Protect the Ex Alina Popescu

For further details on Mission Protect the Ex I’ve created a dedicated page on the website. Selected reviews, news, and other information will be added here, so keep an eye on it in the future.

Where to Buy Mission: Protect the Ex?

For the time being, Mission: Protect the Ex is available on Amazon. It is not an Amazon Exclusive, so watch out for other spaces in the future. For now I am thinking of PayHip, Sea to Sky, and others I want to test out. I will keep you updated if and when I do this.

Until the, buy Mission: Protect the Ex from Amazon

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“Sean?” Aiden had just walked into the living room from the small bathroom next to it and he seemed frozen in place. His features quickly morphed from showing surprise to anger. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Sean shrugged and looked away, taken aback by the intensity of Aiden’s reaction. He almost never swore, except during sex. He’d have to be pretty mad to add “hell” to that question.

“Tom sent me.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. I am fine, you assholes,” Aiden said through gritted teeth and collapsed on the couch.

Sean took a close look at his ex-boyfriend. He didn’t look all that fine. Even through his loose T-shirt and sweats, Sean could tell he’d lost weight. Aiden was sporting some pretty dark circles under his eyes and he had a haunted look.

“Let me guess. He asked and you couldn’t say no?” Aiden’s lips were twisted in a vicious smirk that completely gutted Sean. He couldn’t believe how displeased his ex was to see him. Oh, well, it wasn’t as if he’d expected much, but that reaction hurt nonetheless.

“Something like that,” Sean said, surprised by how strong his voice sounded.

“And is there a particular reason you’re dressed like this?” Aiden’s eyes went up and down Sean’s body, making his stomach twist in an uncomfortable knot.

Sean couldn’t tell him exactly why, could he? Aiden didn’t know about the danger he was in and the man clearly needed a minute after the shock of being surprised by his ex. So Sean grunted instead and turned on his heel, retreating up the stairs. He went into the guest room and set up the rest of his gear. He left his gun upstairs for now, checked the sensors, and quickly changed. He gave himself a little pat on the back for bringing jeans and a couple of T-shirts. Apparently, Aiden had developed a dislike towards everything military since their breakup. No more roleplaying while Sean was in his parade uniform….

Hope you find Mission: Protect the Ex fun, entertaining and a worthwhile read. If you do get a copy and enjoy it, feel free to let me know. I read all reviews posted (if I find them), and I love receiving comments and messages here, on my social media, or via email.

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