In Liam’s Wake – Blog Tour Roundup

Where we’ve been, what we’ve talked about, and a new chance for me to post a photo of my beloved Liam 😀

We started this journey on November 3rd. In Liam’s Wake and Ashlyn Forge, with a little backing vocals from yours truly, started their blog tour, stopping by our lovely, welcoming, and awesome hosts. There have been book spotlights, interviews, reviews, and a giveaway. Plus I had my daily dose of Liam, who I so totally love. What can I say, give me a flawed character with my favorite redeeming quality (sticking by and fighting for the man he loves), and I am hooked forever.

So, let’s take a quick tour of what happened and where:

After the kick off, we stopped by Louisa Mullerworth’s AuthorSpot for an interview.

It was then time to visit Tana Rae Reads.

Liam BaldwinNext, Mousiey Books ran a review of In Liam’s Wake and Darlene interviewed Ashlyn. Later in the tour, Darlene also interviewed Liam, she just wanted to know him a little better, can’t say I blame her!

The next day of the tour brought a nice little visit at the wonderful blog It’s Raining Men. Yes, I know, the name of the blog is enough to get you to check them. There are tons of other reasons to do so and they were nice enough to host a book spotlight and share quotes with their readers.

Next stop, Moonbeams over Atlanta for an absolutely awesome review by Eloreen Moon!

Ashlyn was then interviewed by the amazing Kit Moss on his blog, Kit Moss Reviews – That’s All I Read.

The tour then stopped by TTC Books and More for a chat with Tammy Middleton and a review of In Liam’s Wake.

We then met Not Everyone’s Mama who featured the Ashlyn’s debut novel on her blog.

Next up was The Naughty Muse… Sure Loves Men (Jorja Kish). There was another interview and a book spotlight, helping readers find out more about both Ashlyn and Liam’s story.

Elin Gregory also had Liam over for a blog hop, sharing the book with her readers. We all wanted to stay longer, but we needed to hurry up and make it in time for our stop at Kerry Frith’s blog.

MM Good Book Reviews had Liam and Ashlyn over on the last day of the tour and Pixie wrote an insightful review of the first book in the Toys & Soldiers series. We then wrapped it up with an exclusive excerpt published by Brandon Shire.

I reviewed In Liam’s Wake before the tour, but I joined the partying by having Ashlyn over for yet another interview.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour, we’ve all certainly had our fun! Check out the giveaway winners on Ashlyn’s Facebook page, go visit the blogs you’ve missed and get your copy of In Liam’s Wake today!



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