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Book Spotlight and Interview: Louisa Mullerworth and her upcoming release, Dying to Help

Book Spotlight and Interview: Louisa Mullerworth and her upcoming release, Dying to Help
April 18
17:15 2014

Dying to Help by Louisa Mullerworth

Being a self-employed single mum is hard enough; so what do you do when you are chosen to be the contestant in a blood sport for the entertainment of a group of alien races you didn’t know existed?

For Dr Danni Cromwell it was as if she was living in a world she had created; sci-fi author and single mum Danni must join forces with a man she does not know to fight a villain she could not make up; and all with her five year old son and a temper-tantrum prone alien in toe. Can they win?

Dying to Help

When did you start writing and what happened to your first story?

Wow I love this question, what’s more I love that I know the answer to this question! I was nine and I was hand writing random sentences (I was always very vain about my handwriting). When I read it back I realised I had written a paragraph about a prison in mate and decided to expand it. It turn out complete twoddle and I’m sure my mum kept it somewhere but I still remember that day, when writing random sentences became story telling.

Who are the authors that inspired you or helped you define your style?

Matthew Riley played a huge part in my interest in Science Fiction and Tess Gerritsen played a part in how I wanted to portray my characters hers always dragged me into the story they felt so real.

Tell us a bit about your writing process.

My office is lined in whiteboards and cork boards, I love them I map out everything on them I spend time mapping out what’s going to happen over all then I break it down chapter by chapter I also keep back ups on my computer just to be sure. Then I set about filling in the blanks making sure to include all the major points highlighted on the board. Then I plan the next chapter, this helps me keep it fresh in my mind and able to focus on one thing at a time while still seeing the end goal.

How long do you spend writing and how much time to you dedicate to marketing your books.

Now book one is finished it’s a 60/40 split to marketing however when I was writing Dying To Help it was more of a 80/20 split to writing. I still work on a couple of small projects to keep me fresh but right now its mostly marketing which is good fun.

Tell us about the books you’ve published and the ones you have planned.

black and white meI have one book already published; Mistol A New Beginning and one coming out on the 18th June 2014 Dying To Help; The Beginning Of The End. Mistol was a definite learning curve and now I am indie I am doing it D.I.Y rather than through a major company. But I will always have a soft spot for Mistol not only was it my first published work it was done for a grieving family. Its a story about mystical worlds and triumph over hate.

Dying To Help is darker, science fiction, based around the idea of an intergalactic game and alien invasion. About how humans as a race can survive and stick together in the dyer of situations.

If there was only one thing about your latest book that you’d want to stick with your readers, what would that be?

We are all faced with Villains, The Host happens to be fictional. But I tried to portray him as the literal obstacle that threatens to take over all our lives, out of the blue and terrifying.

Are there any other genres you’d like to explore?

I would love to explore more horror but I doubt I I ever will, nearly every meaningful plotline done to death and people using more and more ways to out do one another I just can’t see myself being able to reach the standards I would want.

What advice would you give to a new author?

Never give up! Never let someone tell you you won’t do it! Just keep going reach out for help to from other authors and keep trying!

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