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Book Review: Waiting for Rain by Susan Mac Nicol

Book Review: Waiting for Rain by Susan Mac Nicol
February 26
07:34 2014

Sometimes you get exactly what you need in a book! I’ve been looking forward to this new release by Susan Mac Nicol, you all know I love her writing, but this new novel was just spot on. I needed something real, loving, fun, sexy, and completely captivating. That’s exactly what Waiting for Rain has been for me. It’s my new favorite book by this amazing author. Then again, each of her new releases becomes my new favorite…

The village of Stamford, the quintessential chocolate box English scene, seemed an impossible dream for foster kid Toby Prentiss. Now he’s found a home among the haystacks and village fairs as the general manager for the Duck and Drake Hotel. With the fears and demons from his youth hidden away in this bucolic oasis, he’s very protective of who he lets in. Until he stumbles across shirtless carpenter Rain Engel building the hotel’s new custom-designed bar.

Working in the countryside, Rain prepared to face his biggest fear: sheep. He didn’t expect to deal with his second biggest fear: commitment. Toby’s controlled tough guy façade coupled with his “find happiness where you can” optimism calls to Rain like nothing before. While Rain may be an exhibitionist, his romantic history forces him to hold his emotions close. As their relationship develops, secrets from their pasts drive a wedge between them: the ex-boyfriend who tore apart Rain’s trust and Toby’s history with the law. But can the secrets hiding among the quirky villagers bring them together? With missing sheep, pole dancing at the winter festival, and a crippling drought, everyone is waiting for Rain.

waiting for rain


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When we first meet Toby, he seems a very put together, posh, cultured, maybe a bit stuck up young man. A promising career awaits him and he’s surrounded by friends and colleagues who love and appreciate him. The more one gets to know him, the more they realize he’s a survivor, a foster kid who’s been to hell and back, a professional who’s been forged to the ugliest fires of the hotel industry, a loving, kind, beautiful soul that no one can help falling in love with.

Enters Rain, who falls into the same trap, despite his attempts to keep everything casual and not get involved. In what family and background are concerned, South Africa born Rain is Toby’s opposite. He has a loving family, friends he’s known a long time, but he’s been hurt deeply by the man he once loved.

These two seem exactly what the other need, although their relationship is not an easy one. Real danger, ghosts from the past, personal fears, they will have to face it all. While definitely not as dark as some of Susan’s other books, Waiting for Rain is very real! There are serious issues being debated, from foster care life for orphans, to discrimination, and hate crimes against the LGBT community and the twisted individuals who try to defend them.

Toby and Rain

Toby and Rain

Rain’s unique phobia was a work of art, I couldn’t stop laughing and it was the middle of the night! Also, the pole dancing angle was extremely close to my heart, you all know that! Just watch the trailer that’s a bit lower down the page and tell me you don’t like it, I dare you. Rain’s exhibitionist side was brilliantly worked into the novel, and put to good use, as his dancing ends up raising money for a good cause.

All in all, a beautiful, inspiring, heart warming read that I recommend to anyone who enjoys a great love story. This might be a novel about a gay couple, but first and foremost it’s a story of love.

Where to find Susan:
Twitter – @SusanMacnicol7

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