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Well, my reviews are mostly me fangirling over an author I love and this one won’t disappoint you in that regard. My affair with Ann’s characters started with the first book of the Rock Gods series, Fall for Me. Rock star and a journalist falling in love, what’s not to like? Plus I love rock music. And gay romance. And Ann Lister’s writing.

But I have to be honest and tell you, I had my doubts about liking Take What You Want as much! I was so wrong, I want to slap myself. But before I tell you why I liked book two at least as much as I did the first one, here’s a little blurb and a nice little Amazon thingie for you to use quickly and grab a copy!

[blockquote style=”1″]Mega rock star, Alex “Zander” Metcalf is burned out after nearly two years touring with his band, as well as emotionally drained after his sexual preferences were exposed by the media. He is ready for a long sabbatical – alone, and retreats to the east coast island of Martha’s Vineyard; leasing an oceanside estate.

Alex seeks the quiet lifestyle of a recluse to write new material for his band, only to meet the handsome estate manager, Chase, and his gorgeous fiancée, Danni, living in the guest house on his property. Alex’s hope of solitude is soon forgotten when he discovers Chase has a repressed bi-sexual side that is aching to surface and Alex is more than happy to help him explore it.

What neither Alex or Chase expects is the emotional power of their chemistry expanding to involve the three of them when Danni becomes entangled in their passion. Alex believes he has finally found his perfect menage relationship with Chase and Danni.

Sometimes two isn’t enough and it takes three to complete the union of a fulfilled love. But, will their new relationship be strong enough to survive when real life wants to punish them for their unconventional love? And, can they be confident in the strength of their love to take the ‘happily ever after’ they can only give each other?[/blockquote]

Why did I raise my questioning eyebrow before reading? I could say that I was wondering why I’d need a girl spoiling my m/m fun, but the truth is when some stories are too close to home, I have a hard time reading them. In my opinion, Danni is suddenly faced with something she really did not sign up for, sharing her bond with her fiance with someone else. If you’ve ever been in a relationship where the rules and requirements suddenly change, a relationship that forces you to either adapt and take something you don’t really want, or give up, you’ll definitely relate to Danni.

I expected to do just that and be biased. Instead Alex was my favorite from start to finish. The expandable piece of the puzzle, as he often saw himself, which made me dislike Danni a bit. Just when I thought I would never connect with her, things fell into place and the whole tripod suddenly made sense.

This book isn’t really a simple m/m/f story, it’s more about accepting the loved ones as they are and understanding people come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes romantic and sexual preferences. Alex and Chase are the in-your-face representatives of an alternative lifestyle, but the truth is Danni is just like them in more ways than you would have imagined in the beginning.

Usually, when you hear the words three way or threesome, you tend to think of fun, experimenting, bliss. In reality, when it’s a three way relationship, Alex’s tripod, it takes a lot more effort and understanding than a two person relationship. Why? Because there are three people who have to be happy and when hell breaks loose, there is more than one person to placate.

Ann Lister again delves into the world of famous entertainers, pointing out the behind the scenes bits: the bloody scratches and bruises fans are responsible for, the need to hide to get some privacy, the viciousness of paparazzi. I love how this side of the story is portrayed, with Alex never really complaining about it.

In short, totally loved the book and can’t wait for the next one in the series. As it happened with the first one, if you read book two, you might just guess whose story is up next 🙂


About the author

Ann Lister is a native New Englander currently living on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with her husband. She has pulled details from her years living in the New England area and uses many local settings and landmarks in her novels.

After graduating art school and raising two daughters, she established her own video production company. Her nearly two decades working in video production included work within the music industry and won her a coveted Telly Award. It was this ‘behind-the-scenes’ exposure to the music world that inspired many of her novels.

In 2013 she released Book One of her new rock star series: The Rock Gods. Book One is titled, Fall For Me. This novel is her first full-length gay, erotic romance and it is also a Finalist novel for the 2013 Rainbow Award. Book Two in the Rock Gods series is titled, Take What You Want. This story is a m/m/f menage and released in early November 2013. Book Three, titled: Make You Mine, is expected to release in Spring of 2014.

When not writing, she enjoys reading, creating stained glass, and traveling.

Social Links:

Facebook Author Page:

Twitter: @AnnListerAuthor

Goodreads Author Page:


It’s now time to have a taste of this wonderful story. Enjoy!

[blockquote style=”1″] “Do any of your friends know?” Alex asked.
The sound of Alex’s voice drew Chase out of his trance. He pulled in a long breath. “That sort of information doesn’t sit well with most men,” Chase said.
“My friends would probably run me off the island if they
“It’s disturbing to think opinions like that still exist in this day and age,” Alex said. “I’m sorry you’ve had no one to confide in before now. I know from experience what a difficult secret this is to live with.”
Chase shrugged. “It doesn’t bother me.”
“I think it does,” Alex said. “I think it bothers you a lot, and that’s why you don’t want anyone to know.” Alex drained his drink and set the glass down on the table in front of his empty plate. “Fear can suffocate you, Chase, and prevent you from living.”
“I am living life,” Chase said. “Danni and I are getting married next year and I’m happy. What more is there?”
“The other half of yourself,” Alex said. “You’re only allowing half of yourself to live and the other half – the half you think you need to hide, is clawing at your insides to get out.”
“It’s not as easy as you make it sound.”
“I never said it was easy, Chase. Life isn’t meant to be easy, but you should live it honestly – at least be honest with yourself and Danni.” Alex stood up and started collecting their empty plates from the table. Chase stood up with him to help and Alex pressed his shoulder to the firm muscle of Chase’s arm. He waited until Chase met his gaze before he spoke. “This isn’t a life choice, like suddenly waking up one day and deciding you want to be a vegetarian. This is part of who you are; who you were born to be. It’s only a negative if you allow it to be one.”
Chase carried an armload of the dishes inside with Alex and set them on the granite counter top beside the sink “Want me to rinse them before they go into the dishwasher?”
“No, I want you to leave them where they are and do a shot with me,” Alex said. He removed a bottle of Patron from a cabinet and two shot glasses and started walking back out by the pool. Chase followed Alex and stood beside him at the table where they’d eaten their dinner.
“You drank the margaritas, so I guess it’s safe to say you like tequila,” Alex said.
Chase’s head was already fuzzy from what he’d consumed before and during dinner; couldn’t even remember the exact number of times he’d refilled his glass.
The idea of doing shots with Alex on top of everything else made him nervous.
“I’m getting pretty drunk,” Chase said. “I should probably head home before I get stupid.”
“Stupid how?” Alex asked, arching one eyebrow. He filled both shot glasses and lifted one to his mouth, tossed the liquid into the back of his throat, and set the empty glass onto the table.
Chase didn’t say anything. He stood there mindlessly staring at Alex with glassy-eyed wonder. He watched Alex throw his head back and do the shot, wipe his lips off with the back of his hand, then Alex met his gaze and stepped closer. They were almost the same height, putting them eye to eye; Alex’s chest a few sparse inches from pressing into Chase’s. Chase had never let a man stand this close to him, so why was he allowing Alex into his personal space like this?
Chase felt the warmth of Alex’s fingers fan over the soft hairs of his forearm, then slide up to curl around the tight muscle of his bicep. A burst of heat shot through him, like a blast of adrenaline that went straight to his cock. He tried to get his feet to move backward and they wouldn’t.
He needed space between them. His lungs ached from the breath he just now realized he was holding.
“I think it’s obvious I want you, Chase,” Alex said, his voice was a whisper that fluttered over Chase’s face like a soft caress. “And, I’m pretty sure you want me, too, but I won’t cross that line with you until I know Danni is cool with it.”
Alex stepped away and Chase staggered from the sudden loss of him. His hands went to his head, as if preventing it from falling off his neck and shoulders.
“Fuucck,” Chase said in a breathy sigh, his gaze dropped to the patio stones beneath his feet.
“I know, right?” Alex tossed the shot meant for Chase into his throat and shook his head. “The chemistry between us is intense, bordering on combustible. I felt it the first time you looked at me.”
“I gotta go,” Chase said.
“Do us both a favor and talk to Danni,” Alex said.
“Thanks for dinner,” Chase said.
“Let’s do it again – soon,” Alex said.


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