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Melanie Codina: Second chances are very much a part of “happy ever after”

Melanie Codina: Second chances are very much a part of “happy ever after”
October 25
16:55 2013

Melanie Codina, the author of the Real Love series, is joining us today for an interview. *fans herself and try to wipe of silly grin of her face* Yeah, I just love talking to amazing indie authors and I’ve done that quite a bit, so please excuse my jumping up and down over here. So, Melanie will talk with us about her new book, Love Resisted, writing, publishing, and future releases! So read along, but not before checking out my review of her newest addition to the series!

Juggling a family and a job is hard enough. Add writing to it and it gets completely crazy! How exactly do you pull it off?

Melanie Codina: That’s easy. My house is a mess, my kids live off of Mac-n-cheese, and I minimize the amount of sleep I get.

 Right, easy! I only have my job and a dog and barely pull it off! I am now starting to realize where the inspiration for superhero names comes from!

Love Resisted focuses on a second chance at happiness and dealing with grief, a deep, thought provoking combination. What inspired you to choose it?

Melanie: I think that some of the events that transpire in Love Resisted, both past and present, are things that many can agree is one of their deepest fears. My reason for choosing that combination was because even though we all fear such tragedy, its important to convey the message that life always continues. Second chances are very much a part of “happy ever after.”

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00009]I love Allie and she’s got the perfect defense mechanism going on, if her strong personality was not enough. Was she inspired by someone?

Melanie: Allie’s fiery personality is actually a combination of a few people in my life. A lot of her does come from my oldest daughter. She’s a firecracker, fiercely protective of her loved ones and possesses deep emotions. She owns the room when she walks in and when I created Allie, my daughter was the one I saw the most.

After wanting to punch Logan repeatedly in the first book, I’ve started to forgive him. Will he get his second chance? And will there be a future book focusing on Jason?

Melanie: Poor Logan. He holds a space in my heart and when I wrote his betrayal in book one, I felt terrible that I made him into a person that readers would despise. He made a horrible mistake and it cost him dearly. There is a possibility for his second chance in the future, but I’m still on the fence about it since I am not sure readers will forgive him. I will say that the man is certainly paying his dues now. As for Jason, he is the hero in book three, Love Required, and I do think readers will fall hard for him too.

Moving on to the juicy details on writing, would you please share your writing process? What inspires you, what helps to keep you going once you start a story?

Melanie: My writing process is kind of all over the place. I see characters in my head and they come in various scenes that replay themselves. If a scene appears, but isn’t fitting into the place of the timeline I am writing, I jump ahead. So I tend to bounce and come back. I wrote most of the end scenes of Love Realized first. And the karaoke scene from Love Resisted, that one was screaming at me to write it. It had to get out of my head before I could work on anything else.  As for what keeps me going? Music. A lot of the time I hear songs that push me in a direction and I will write a note or two about it, eventually the scene unfolds for me.

You chose to be an indie author. Why did this path appeal to you? Does it take special skills to succeed as an indie?

Melanie: My choice to be an Indie author was pretty much one of impatience. I wrote a story, and I really wanted to share it with readers. I took the position that if readers loved it, that was all that mattered to me. If a publisher came across it later, and wanted it, we could talk then. But I knew that it would be easier to find readers that loved it versus the one person behind a desk that may or may not be into the type of story I wrote. When I decided to do this though, I made sure to do it right. I made sure that I invested in the story with a great cover and editing. I didn’t want to be thought of as the indie author who published crappy work. I wanted it to be known for the story and characters.

What advice would you give to a writer who’s just starting off?

Melanie: My advice. Research. Do your research. Follow blogs, make relationships, pay attention when other authors tell you things and above all else … take constructive criticism for what it is, helpful advice. If I hadn’t gotten the call from my editor at the beginning offering me some helpful instruction, Love Realized would not have been the story it is now. It may sting to hear something that can feel personal, but odds are it’s something you should acknowledge.


What do you guys think? Isn’t Melanie great? Go ahead and buy her book and then let us know what you think about it. We need fresh meat for the fan club 😀  Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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