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13 random facts about my upcoming vampire novel, The Edge of Hope

January 13
19:56 2014

The Edge of Hope, the first book in my Bad Blood trilogy will be released sometime in the near future. I won’t say when just now. I will disclose the date during the cover reveal event, on January 26th. Tease much? You have no idea! So, here are some random facts about my vampy story:

1. Part of the story is based on facts. Pretty much things that happened to yours truly and made their way into the story. No, I haven’t met a vampire, but Alexa’s background, some of her past is inspired by my life. She’s also from the same town I’m from.

2. I played with existing vampire lore and characters. I just couldn’t help it! They had to be master manipulators.

3. My main character, Alexa, is smart and pretty perceptive if you ask me. However, she does not discover vampires. As the blurb states, she’s dragged into their world.

4. There is no typical love story. If you want a fairy tale where they meet, fall Β in love, and keep struggling till they eventually end up together, this is not the case. The trilogy does have a HEA though.

5. There will be a big bad cliffhanger in book 1. It’s the only book in the trilogy with a cliffhanger. Yes, I know that will turn readers away, but it can’t be helped. It made sense to end the story there.

6. There is some swearing and some sex happening the novel

7. Weird things happened while writing this book. Long months (or even years) after creating the characters, I’d meet people with the same names as my characters. They’d also play similar roles in my life as they did in Alexa’s. She got the fuller, more fun experience though. Did it weird me out? Yeah, a little πŸ˜€

8. I got the idea for the relationship struggle part of the book wile sitting on a bench in this beautiful park from Bucharest. I had my roller skates on, my mp3 player was blasting music and I was depressed as hell.

9. Book 2 is completed, Book 3 is 50% completed. So you won’t have to wait much to find out what happens after The Edge of Hope.

10. Coming up with a title I was totally thrilled with was the hardest part of writing this.

11. Most of the novel was written during my first NaNoWriMo. I did not win, it was 2011.

12. I wrote THE END while in Germany, Schweich. I was visiting my dear friend Mihaela. It was a tough day, 8000 words or so, cause I just wanted to finish it already! We celebrated with dinner at a cool Italian restaurant.

italian place

13. I came up with Bad Blood, what I thought would initially be the title of book one, in Dumfries, Scotland. I was having dinner with my friends Joanna and Alexandra and I was wearing my newly acquired “I Love Boys In Kilts” t-shirt.

Hope you like my random facts πŸ˜€

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  1. Devika Fernando
    Devika Fernando February 26, 15:59

    Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! Can I have a bite of that meal? πŸ˜‰
    It will be fascinating to see where existing vampire lore fits in!

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  2. Lachi
    Lachi February 27, 12:51

    Can’t wait to read this one darlin

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